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Welcome to A Book About China

Whither you are comming to China for a holiday, for business, for long time work, or just want to learn more abou the China, the country and Chinese culture, A Book About China is a good place to start.

The website is writen and maintained as a personal project by a British expat who has been living in China for over ten years. The site documents his experiences and knowlege about life in the Middle Kingdom. During his time in China, the author has had various jobs, acted in movies, been the subject of many newspaper and TV news reports, got married, had a family, learned to drive, been through several hospitals, learned the Chinese language, studied the culture and traveled around China extensively.

By reading this website, you should be able to gain a wider understanding of Chinese culture. You will become better prepaired for your own China adventures. You will learn the customs of doing business in China. You will find resources and guides that will ease you through some of the more dificult experiences. You can also be able to share your own experiences on this site so that others might learn form you too.