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Other Recommended Websites and Blogs

Chinese blogs are probably the best way of finding out what is happening in China. Major news agencies are often slow to pick up stories or don't cover stories at all. This may be due to censorship, but more often it's due to a bias towards political international news. This leaves you with an image of China that is based only on the Government's and big media publishers. If you want to get down to the street level in China, and find out what real Chinese people are doing and talking about, then you have to read Chinese blogs.

The above is a list of blogs which I read regularly. It's not intended to be a difinative list of every single blogger in China. I have focused on only blogs that are posted in English language and that I find interesting. There are a great many other blogs about China but not all of them are as good as the list above. If you want to recommend another blog for this blogroll list, do contact me on twitter.